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Who qualifies to stay

  • Families of children who are seriously or chronically ill or injured who are receiving treatment at an area hospital and live more than 25 miles away.
  • Families are welcome to put in a room request for the night before admission or an appointment.
  • Families are asked to leave within 24 hours of discharge from the hospital or last medical appointment in order to make room for another family.


  • The House asks for a donation of $15 per night, per room per family. This only partially offsets the $72 cost per night to accommodate a family in one room.
  • If you have a financial concern regarding this donation, please speak with our Social Worker or a Manager. No one is turned away based on the inability to pay.

Know before you go

  • We supply families with linens for the room, including sheets and towels.
  • No medications or breast milk are permitted to be stored in the kitchen’s refrigerators for safety purposes. A small refrigerator can be placed in your room.
  • In order to keep costs low, each family is asked to clean their own room before checking out.
  • Due to fire safety codes, we can only permit five people per room.
  • We can only give one room per child in the hospital.

Room Request process

We operate on a room request, not a reservation system:

  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of medical situations, we can never guarantee a family a room. We ask families to put in a room request either online or by phone. Then families are instructed to contact us by phone between the hours of 5-8 PM EST the night before their expected arrival date to confirm a room. You may contact us at 888-656-4847.
  • All families must be checked into the House before 8 PM the day of arrival. Once you are at the House, a volunteer will check you into your room and give you a House tour. Please bring a photo ID for every adult staying at the House. You will receive one access card per room that allows you access to the House 24/7. Check out time is noon.

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